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Ikemen Paradise

An All-Asian High School AU RP

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Ikemen paradise is an Asian High School AU Role Play based on the hit JDrama, Hana Kimi.

Ichiki High School, set in Okinawa, Japan, is an Exclusive boys' school known for hosting the best-looking gentlemen of Asia. A renowned boarding school, Ichiki houses a number of the country’s talented youth in the different fields, such as Academics, Sports and many more.

The dormitories are divided into five, separated according to the top interests and learning styles of the students residing within the school. The five dormitories are often to compete against each other in different school-sanctioned events, all for a grandeur of prizes.

Ichiken High School is the ideal learning center for gifted individuals, providing the students with the most top of the line equipment and facilities.
• Before making a claim, always check the CLAIM LIST
• All muses in this community are MALE.
• All posts addressing the members of the community (Announcements, OOC, Schedules, Claims, Drops and Hiatuses) are to be made at the community.
• All Muses and Muns are expected to observe proper conduct and behavior.
* n0 tYping LyK D¡$ Plz.
* No Bashing and no Bad mouthing. We will allow you to curse, but please know your limits.
* No GOD MODING: when your muse can do anything and everything, mimicking God.
* Conversations are to b e done in ENGLISH
•To certify whether you have read the Rules thoroughly, please include the word BAYBEH!!! anywhere within your comments.
• Each Mun is only allowed 5 muses.
• RP is done over AIM
• Muses must update their journals at least once every two weeks, failure to do so will result to a warning where the muse will be given 3 days to update, otherwise, the muse will be cut from the community.
• All muses must participate in at least 1 inter-dormitory competition within the span of 2 months.
• BEfore claiming and decding upon your musesactivities, please check the list of clubs. There are a limited number of clubs, so please do check for your own good.
• All muses are required to add their corresponding DORM HEAD'S LJ and the PRINCIPAL kouchou.
• All holds will be held for a maximum of 2 WEEKS.
•In claiming, kindly tag your claimunder 'claim' and use the following code:

Mun Information:
Your Name:
Your Age:
Your LJ:
Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN:

Muse Information:
Muse’s Name:
Muse's Band:
Muse’s LJ:
Muse’s SN:
Year Level:
Dorm Number:
Desired Activities/Clubs: ( For applications in the Center for sports, please specify whether they will be joining the CLUB or VARSITY, or BOTH.)


Mun Information:
Your Name:
Your Age:
Your LJ:
Your Yahoo and/or AIM SN:

Muse Information:
Muse’s Name:
Muse's Band:
Muse’s LJ:
Muse’s SN:
Subject: (Desired subject you wish your muse to teach)
Teaching Level: (Ranges from 9th - 12th or all if teaching an Elective Course such as Dance, Art, or Gym. But for teaching an Acedemic Course a muse is allowed to teach a max number of 2 grade levels.)
Activities/Clubs Sponser of: (If desired your muse can be a sponser to any sport teams or clubs, But the limit is two.)


• And lastly, are there to be any complaints, suggestions, comments, or violent reactions, plese comment in the corresponding thread in our dear principal's LJ> kouchou

•All inter-dorm competitions will be announced by the principal.
• Dorm Heads are to facilitate meetings between members of the said dorm in the following chat rooms:

Dorm 1: dormone
Dorm 2: dormtwo
Dorm 3: dormthree
Dorm 4: dormfour
Dorm 5: dormfive

• Upon enrollment, students may choose their own dorm, but dorm rooms and roommates are to be appointed by the principal.
• Inter-dorm competitions are to be given once every 2 weeks, the culminating activity of each challenge are to be given by the principal.
• The Cafeteria is shared by all dorms.
• Being in your dorm does not specifically mean that you are confined to those clubs (e.g. Being in the sports dorm doesn't mean you can't join the homemaker's club.)
• The List of clubs are found here
HEAD: Kim Kibum
Hi, Kim Kibum here, head of the dorm that houses the the brightest minds (also the brightest smiles?) of the school.Members of the student government, academic acheivers--guys who have good looks and an equally beautiful mind are most welcome here. Join us and let's prove that it's brains over brawn any day!

HEAD: Kim Junsu
Everyone! Junsu Here. Dorm 2 is filled with people whose main passion is for sports and physical activity. Soccer, Track and Field, Tennis, Badminton, Rugby, Basketball, you name it, we've got it! If you want to win in our competitions, this is the place to be. We're Fit, we're strong, and we're down right amazing! Come on over~

HEAD: Kim Jaejoong
Good day everyone. This is Kim Jaejoong. Anything that has got to do with arts, literature and home economics, dorm 3's the way to go. Anyone who's creative or who has a mind of Leonardo da Vinci's welcome here. During competitions, let's prove that logic is the key to victory. Hwaiting~ (:

HEAD: Lee Hyukjae
Yo! This is the ever so charming Hyukkie! This dorm is for those who are good at using, or at least likes computers and technology. At the upcoming competitions, we're sure to win! Since technology does make a lot of things happen! I'll even get you guys a few girls. *wink*

HEAD: Park Yoochun
Hey guys! This is your one and only Park Yuchun speaking. If you love to play, sing, dance, act or you just want to try out performing arts, then you're in the right place. Show them what you've got and let's all be stars of the stage and outshine everyone else in the competitions! Let's go!